Your First Session



Assessment and Goal Planning


3 days or older

Already seen a specialist if required medical attention

Addressing compensation patterns


What to Expect

A Touch Soothing Bodywork is a treatment plan oriented practice. Your first session's objective is to assess the issue you wish to be addressed.  Marjorie will be looking at many factors including range of motion, state of soft tissue, fluid movement, and nerve activity. She will check in through out the session to explain what she is assessing and to get your perspective. Though if you wish for more of a relaxing session, you can opt for just the post session consultation. In the post session consultation, we will develop a customized timeline for your future sessions.   


To clarify, the injuries A Touch Soothing Bodywork addresses are in the subacute to chronic stages. This means injuries that occurred less than 3 days of booking the session won't be eligible to address directly. If it required medical attention, please see a specialist before getting bodywork.  

The rule of thumb is the older the injury, the longer it's going to take to unwind the compensation pattern. This means we will be addressing how the injury has affected your posture and range of motion. The timeline for newer injuries is usually three sessions. For older injuries, six sessions is the average to maintain improved mobility. If you've developed a chronic condition due to the injury, we may have to address that first or in tandem with the injury site.

Migraine Management

Many types of migraines can benefit from bodywork. A Touch Soothing Bodywork uses Craniosacral Therapy to address the vasodilation in the cranium and Myofascial Release to address the hypertension of the neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The pressure while doing Craniosacral Therapy is very light while Myofascial Release can be up to deep pressure in the muscle bellies. The session will be face up and fully dressed. If you feel uncomfortable lying down, we have a portable reclining chair. 

If we come across a Trigger Point or any other muscle restriction pulling on the skull, we will come up with a treatment plan to address it in the post session consultation. Trigger points tend to be found when you're dealing with Tension Headaches. The goal for the future sessions is to ease the muscle pull and improve circulation in the neck and cranium.

Chronic Pain Management

A Touch Soothing Bodywork can help manage a wide range of Chronic Pain Conditions such as Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue.  The first session is not only to assess but see how responsive your body is to the work. The session will be done with light to medium pressure depending on the muscles' reaction to pressure. There are some cases where a firm touch can be more beneficial than a light touch and vice versa. After the first session, we will do a 48 hour phone/email check in to see how you feel and plan future sessions. The goal is to ease muscle tension to help give you more spoons for your daily activities. You can choose a free add on of Hot Towels to do hydrotherapy for muscle and joint relief.

Pre and Post Op Surgery 

Surgery is a very intense event for the body. To help get the most from joint replacement surgeries, A Touch Soothing offers Treatment Plans for before and after surgery. Before the surgery, we focus on getting the muscle region to contract as ideally as possible in order to help with the instability right after surgery. For after the surgery, with the doctor's permission, we can work on improving the swelling with Lymphatic Drainage techniques and very gentle massage to stimulate the muscles safely. If you are getting Physical Therapy, we can design the treatment sessions to complement their stretches and exercises for you.